Minutes of the Weekenders  AGM. 26.10.01


Attending:  Keeza, Flat, Skips, Jules, Pytches, Mouth, Brock, Duggo, Hoggers Plays Pop, Hargroves, Freeman, Nass, H.

Apologies received from the Hon Sec whose guidance system led him several miles north of the target.  


Resolutions were passed and officers elected, as follows:


Captain: Mark d’Inverno re-elected nem con.


Treasurer: Flat Pete re-elected nem con.  (Treasurer’s Report revealed that we had spent quite a bit on oppo beers but still had about four hundred quid - or it could be five hundred.)


Vice-captain:  Flat Pete re-elected.


Kit Monitor (a largely ceremonial role nowadays): Maloney re-elected. 

It was decided that we should buy much better quality balls.


A point was made re the kitbag in that it is the regulars (more often than not Hogben) who have to lug it around for the benefit of those who can’t be arsed to organise their own equipment. It was decided to continue the present system but with a reduced quantity of kit.  Bad luck, Graham.


Graham Hogben was elected a vice-president of the club.


Flat volunteered to organise three nets at Lord’s before Christmas.  Nets will continue after Christmas.



Match Managers:

April - Simmonds

May - Freeman

June – Hussaini

July – Brockis

August – Maloney

September – Douglas


Graham Hogben was elected Match Management Czar, tasked to act decisively should the elected officers become preoccupied with amorous entanglements, custodial sentences or if, as happened several times this season, they suffer complete mental breakdown.


A vote of thanks for the excellence of the fixtures was relayed to the Hon Sec via satellite phone.  Any further discussion of fixtures would have been pointless in his absence however the following groundswells of opinion have been noted over the season:  Westcombe Park and their facilities are a bit crap.  There was no difficulty raising sides for appealing midweek fixtures. 


The evening had a appropriately sporting climax.  The agility, grace and awesome acceleration with which Julian Lyons (who has his own company, by the way, which makes things easier) grabbed the first available cab revealed a level of athleticism hitherto unknown to his teammates.