Minutes of the Weekenders C.C. AGM

(the one they said couldn’t happen).


Held on the 7th February 2003 at The Hogshead in Lisle Street, followed by the Chueng Chueng Ku in Wardour Street and various clubs and bars around Shaftesbury Avenue.




Attending:  Keezer, Flat, Skips, Jules, Coach, Dugski, Hoggers, Disco Dave,  Paintery, Futures Lansley, Tubby Webster and the Hon. Sec..


Apologies received from Magic Freeman who didn’t want to wait until ten o’clock for his tea.   


Resolutions were passed and officers elected, as follows:


Captain: Mark d’Inverno re-elected nem con.


Treasurer: Flat Pete re-elected nem con.  (Treasurer’s Report revealed that we had about 180 quid)


Vice-captain:  Flat Pete re-elected.


Kit Monitor: after several years of discreet and unobtrusive service Richard Maloney decided to stand down - but he was re-elected anyway.



Match Managers:

April - Simmonds

May - Hargroves

June – Freeman (tbc)

July – Brockis (tbc)

August – Chiari

September – Lyons

Suffolk tour - Maloney

West Country tour – Douglas


Match Management Czar: Graham Hogben re-elected.


It was proposed to appoint a Social Secretary following this year’s shambolic AGM arrangements, but nothing was decided and so, events-wise, we remain in a rudderless doldrum situation.  




A vote of thanks for the surpassing excellence of the fixtures was offered  to the Hon Sec. Days later, it emerged he had secured us a match against Southgate Firsts on April 27th.  The ground regularly hosts first-class and ODI matches and it hardly needs saying that this is not a day for turning up at three o’clock with only eight players.  Decent cricketers with shirts must be found. Scour your memories and contact books.  




Other Matters Arising:

After taking legal advice is was decided that the Weekenders should provide helmets for the use of regular players and guests.  Two helmets to be bought – Douglas to investigate.  


Julian Lyons was going to try to scam some decent balls off Gunn and Moore.  The Treasurer indicated we could go to £12.50 apiece. 


Tim Chiari proposed a tour of South Africa in February 2004, and undertook to carry out a feasibility study.


The strategy and development sub-committee held further discussions at the nearby Lab Bar where one vice-president was required to remove his woolly hat before being admitted. Talks continued at the Rouge club in Charing Cross Road, and by 2.30 a.m. Hogben was modestly raising his credit card to acknowledge the applause for his first three-figure milestone of 2003.