WCC v AVEBURY. 40 over match. Lost by 50 runs.

The Skipper lost the toss and Avebury were off to a flier as the run-hungry rustics tucked into to some tasty looseners. WCC wrested back the initiative with tight bowling, and a stupendous slip catch from Dunne left the home side reeling at 58 for 4.

Avebury consolidated as passing tourists thronged the boundary to photograph the Weekenders in the field. Many were disappointed to learn that the circle of 4,500 year-old standing stones was actually on the other side of the road.

The home side posted a testing 221 total and Weekenders wasted no time in notching 21 for 4 reply. In spite of beefy counter-punching in mid-dig from Simmonds and Hugh-Jones the Weekenders fell behind the clock.

Dunne and Douglas clumped 80 for the 9th wicket but the hearty heavyweights were left 50 runs short at the end of the fortieth and final over. Not for the
first time, the Skipper played a blinder in the bar to retain the fixture for next

The Castle and Ball hotel, Marlborough, saw records tumble as the 'Enders smashed 180 fag barrier for the evening while Lyons' and Dunne's bar bill hit three figures. The team retired at 2.45a.m. having discussed the match for two hours longer than it took to play.

Douglas 8-4-14-2, R. d'Inverno 3-0-32-0, PJ Harvey 8-1-29-2,
M. d'Inverno 8-1-56-1, Dunne 8-0-53-1, Lyons 5-0-27-1.

Hogben 10, PJ Harvey 4, Lyons 2, Brockis 0, Simmonds 17, Husaini 0,
Hugh-Jones 27, R. d'Inverno 13, Dunne 26*, Douglas 53*.







WCC v Ampney Crucis.


WCC Won by eight wickets.

The Weekenders began the day with a spirited attempt on the club nurofen record. Disappointed to fall well short of the 94 Suffolk performance and wondering where their next success was coming from they decided to seek the help of a clairvoyant in Marlborough Sunday market. 'Stop at the first pub' was Gypsy Rose's cryptic advice. Then she suggested we pay 8 for a full consultation but everyone ran away.

While Husaini had a late breakfast, Maloney, Harvey and Douglas enjoyed an interesting visit to the Craft Fair in the Town Hall where a splendid range of local produce was on sale.


The team reconvened at the Crown at Ampney - by eery coincidence
the first open pub on our route.

The Skipper lost the toss again but willed the Weekenders to show spunk and unprecedented bottom in the field. Fisher struck with a sharp gully
snaffle, Simmonds obliged his captain by snaring the prize pole of oppo gun-bat and the hosts were limited to 149 all out.

Maloney and Hogben weathered a fierce opening onslaught on a surface
inexplicably more vicious than when our bowlers were operating against their batters.

Lyons chipped in, Brockis joined the double-figures club and Hogben reached new heights batting in a helmet. Weekenders completed their first win on tour for many years.

Douglas 10-3-31-0, PJ Harvey 5-0-27-1, Dunne 12-3-31-2, d'Inverno 10-1-30-3,
Simmonds 2.4-0-11-3.

Maloney 25, Hogben 76*, Lyons 24, Brockis 11*


Fisher, PJ Harvey, Husaini, Dunne, Simmonds, Douglas, d'Inverno DNB

Stumpings: Brockis 2.
Bowel movements: Hogben 3, Douglas 2, Maloney 1, Dunne 1, d'Inverno 1,
Simmonds 1, Lyons 1, Husaini 1.
Harvey, Fisher, Brockis DNS