WCC vs Hertford, Tuesday July 23. 


Peter Simmonds

Headline - Weekenders colours down (though not necessarily out, more on that
later) as run chase falls short.  Statisticians suggest this means our
record is now 5 wins, 4 draws, 3 losses.

More details on the battle of wounded thumb (and finger):

Hertford bat - opening spell by Douglas and D'Inverno works out top three,
including the old chap and the lad who both took us for a hundred last year.
  No verdicts along the lines of "it's in the bag" - but lunch at 110-3
looks reasonable for a good game.  Pitch looks very flat.

After lunch - seamers continue to dominate, marathon spell by Dunne brings
wickets, and ties up batsmen.  Webster keeps puts it there or thereabouts -
fielding remains tight - and team is inspired by start of skipper heroics.

Team stunned to see dislocated thumb wrapped around mid-off catch - turns
out it happened an over before, but Mark kept it quiet.  Brief bout of ice
off field not enough to prevent his return, though precluding more bowling.

Ball then follows skipper around park at increasing speeds, resulting in
valiant efforts to take one-handed catches, and another broken finger on the
other hand.  Thus new levels of sacrifice are established for weekenders,
and career as promising and talented jazz pianist is put on hold for a day
or so.

WCC set 256 to chase to win.

Maloney, Hogben & Lyons set team off at 3 per over before tea.

Further efforts by Brockis & in support of Crown Jules put WCC at around 7
per over off last 20.  Strong, punchy and aerial driving by Lyons with
dashing strokeplay by Sackville push score on.  Fielders pushed back and 82
needed off 10.

Tumble of wickets in pursuit of chase leave the game in Lyons' hands.  He
progresses regally - on 99 disaster strikes, but keeper blows stumping
(after blowing several earlier run outs)...

And then while still on 99, disaster strikes for real - timbers tumble and
he returns to pavillion.

Circumstances dictate skipper heading in at 11, unable to hold bat in either
hand.  Brave effort blocks out five, Douggo farms strike, leaving Douggo
facing with 8 balls left.

At which point apparently innocuous leg side spinner brushes Douglas pad as
keeper shifts to left of stumps - only one opinion counts as umpire raises

One theory advanced is that he may have been trying to spare our skipper
having to face any more pain inducing balls.  Clearly this fails to take
into account that this is precisely the sort of thing the crowd comes for.

Dressing room opions vary from **** to ****** to ******** ******* **** ** *
***** ***  *****  ******* ****** ******* ***** ***** - but defeat has to be
accepted.  Un-bowed team vows to fight on - starting this weekend Sunday 28
vs Sargent Men, a plum of a fixture which we think is at the Bank of England
ground down in Richmond, just next to the Priory, for those of you planning
a few hours prime recovery after a big night out.  Honestly, the outfield
there is better than most wickets we play on each year.  Contact Darrel
Brockis on dbrockis@hotmail.com or on 07768 613 101.

Bear in mind that the contest for niggle of the season is now very
competitive - the Whitehead sprung rib perhaps just behind the D'Inverno
double finger breakage.  Be prepared to end up in intensive care to win that

In summary then -

2 wickets to Dunne, 2 to Douglas, 1 to Webster, 1 to Maloney.

Catches for Brockis, D'Inverno.

Along side the 99 of Lyons, 33 to Sackville, 24 to Hogben.

And overall, Hertford 256-6, WCC 220 all out or thereabouts?

In Weekenderness - Flat.