The selectorsí euphoria at Friday night's full teamsheet was dashed as commitment phobia gripped the squad.  

Eight Weekenders took the field after delayed start but within the hour numbers had risen to double figures and Kensington knew they were in a game.  The hosts' top order surrendered to the guile of R. d'Inverno & Son, backed up by superb catching in the deep by PJ Harvey and Ray d'Inverno.

Kensington, clearly the better side, reached 54 for 4 after 9 overs on a track with a vicious bounce at bottom end. The senior seamer was summoned to exploit conditions and  Kensington continued to crumble until accomplished 9th wicket partnership started to turn it round.

A straightforward catch became an impossible one as the season's leading poucher d'Inverno was fatally put off by toiling seamer's shout of 'catch it'. The bowler's expletive reaction brought shame upon the club.   

Kensington capitalised and 97 for 8 becomes 167 for 9, and 184 all out.

Weekenders quailed at Kensington teatime boast, 'We've got four bowlers at least five yards quicker than anything you've got'.

'Enders lost Lyons and Webster for lowish scores but Brockis and Mike Harvey fought back magnificently against quick bowling until a run-out ended their 55 run stand.

In the scramble for helmets, thigh pads, rolled-up towels etc., Whitehead sought extra protection from packet of Walker's Cheese and Onion.  Skipper's mate Mike Luck considered batting in a car.

Cheers rang out as Luck scored his first run in twenty years, PJ Harvey cracked a rapid 23, Douglas enjoyed three let-offs and achieved good elevation in spunky 6 but little else to celebrate as the batting wilted like a Walker's crisp inside a sweaty trouser leg.

With the score at 109 the innings, and with it the season, ended on an appropriately light-hearted note when the Skipper was run out after issuing clear call of 'no'.

M. d'Inverno 6-0-32-2,  R. d'Inverno 7-0-31-3, Douglas 12.2-2-52-3,  Whitehead 7-0-37-2, PJ Harvey 3-0-26-0,  Webster 1-0-3-0.

Catches: PJ Harvey 2, R. d'Inverno 1, Sub 2.

Webster 0, M. Harvey 19, Lyons 0, Brockis 31, PJ Harvey 23, Douglas 6, Whitehead 2, Luck 1, M. d'Inverno 5, R. d'Inverno 1*.

WEEKENDERS PERSON OF THE MATCH AWARD goes to Mrs Janis Brockis for a flawless all-round performance - watching the entire game and bringing a cold box of beers. Also for exploding the myth that you always play badly when your mum's watching.