Minutes of the WCC AGM
25th November 2005

Election of Club Officers:
President - Clive Swift
Chairman - Tony Smee
Captain - Mark d’Inverno
Secretary - Christopher Douglas
Treasurer - Husaini if he’s going to play in 2006 otherwise Morty’s got the nod
Webmeister – Mike Harvey
Nets Organiser – Harry Whitehead
Social Secretary – Julian Lyons
Match Management Czar – Graham Hogben
Vice-Captain – the post is henceforth abolished. In the absence of the Club Captain the Match Manager shall appoint a Captain for the day.

Resolutions passed:

1) Match fees will remain at £10 per game (£5 for drivers)

2) Johnners agreed to get the cards printed again, bless him.

3) The most radical proposal of the evening was to appoint about a dozen match managers, each taking a couple of games. The aim being to make the job a bit less time-consuming. When the fixtures are confirmed the Secretary will consult everyone and divvy up the games.

Other Matters Arising:
Enthusiasm was expressed for roughly the same number of fixtures, choice of oppo to be at the Secretary’s discretion. The plan is to keep the three tours but to spread them out over the season. So the Sussex tour will take place at the beginning of June, the Cambridge jaunt will be in July and the West Country trip will remain on the first weekend in September.
There will be fewer games in August in response to this year’s lack of interest.

The table was duly thumped in a hearty, privately-educated sort of way to thank Flat for the enormous amount he’s done for the club over the years. He was presented with an Ashes book inscribed, not especially amusingly, by those present.

Steve Dunne was given an engraved curry dish to mark his outrageously successful season. He complained that it was too small.

Chris Johnstone received a light-hearted Kevin Pietersen wig to mark his club catching record.

Julian Lyons was presented with some courgettes for some reason. He responded with a suitably incomprehensible speech.

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