WCC v Clifford Chance CC

Toss: WCC.
Result: CCCC won by 8 wkts

Twelve overs of eight balls each way. Enders batted with all the smooth acceleration of a misfiring moped. Marshall was the only batsman able to impose himself and thanks to him the Enders reached a defendable total. The bowlers had something to aim at but with the smell of the sumptuous post-match supper wafting across the park they opted instead for an early finish. CC got there in the ninth with a hefty six from Jeyaratnam as uncompromising as the disclaimer at the bottom of his emails. CC refused to allow nightfall and the fact that they'd already won to check their progress as they batted on for another four overs cleverly hitting the ball at our two eight year-old fielders, by which time several senior Enders were close to starvation.

Supper was the highlight of the evening if not the entire season. Even the lettuce went. The tragedy was that Vickery and Maloney were not there to do it justice. The free beer and taxis confirmed Jeyaratnam as the Weekenders' find of the millennium - an immensely generous and thoughtful host who can also land it in some nice areas and slap it about come brown-trouser time. Thanks VJ.

WCC 75-5 off 96 balls Douglas 4, Patel 1, Harvey 9, Lee 10, Sackville14, Marshall 25*, Pierce 0, d'Inverno 4* DNB J Marshall, D Marshall, E Marshall

CCCC 77-2 off 72 balls Douglas 18balls-0-18-1, Sackville 8balls-0-26-0, Patel 18balls-0-17-1, J Marshall 8balls-0-5-0, Pierce 8balls-0-20-0 debuts: Pierce, D Marshall, E Marshall