Beat Hit or Miss with 4 balls to spare in a great day last sunday. Highlights were a very composed knock from coach, "bowling in packs" approach from our seam attack of douglas, vettikat, jeyaratnam, swift and dunne, and taking 6 overs to score the last 11 runs for victory. In fact, no one in living memory can remember us trying to pluck a draw from the mouth of victory with such wit and determination.

Those stats:

Hit or Miss 114 all out off 38.3 overs. Douglas 11-5-18-1 Vettickat 11-3-31-3 Corey Swift 8.3-0-29-3 Jeyaratnam 4-0-21-2 Dunne 4-2-14-1
Catches Swift 1, Vettickat 1
Morty kept

WCC 115-4 off 44.2 overs Hogben 28, M Harvey 2, Maloney 53*, Vickery 0, Lyons 4, Dunne 1*, Extras 28

WCC won by six wickets - but it didn't seem like it.
Morty has very kindly covered the club's 60 debt to Lord's for the winter nets. Huge thanks to him, especially from Harry Whitehead.