Some cricket clubs might regard a turnout of eight at an AGM to be something of a  disappointment. Some playing members might question the wisdom of meeting in a pub that has completely run out of draught beer.  There might also be some sporting pedants who doubt the validity of an AGM that starts with the Secretary in the wrong boozer and the Captain enjoying dinner on the other side of town.

It's hardly necessary to state that such individuals wouldn't really fit into to the Weekenders setup. The club ethos of not giving a toss has served us well over thirty-four years and, sure enough, by nine o'clock most of the above problems had resolved themselves and everyone was gathered in the same pub with the Secretary only slightly out of breath and the Skipper wiping traces of prawn cocktail from his chin.

With the quorum now achieved, there was a genuine willingness to give ludicrously overpriced Slovenian bottled beer a fair trial but it was to prove short-lived and by nine-thirty the meeting had relocated to the Pimlico Tandoori.

The accidental omission of the skipper's name from the newly-released averages might have dismayed some stats obsessives but as luck would have it there were none present. Sustained by curry, Cobra and fags on the pavement, the membership made the following appointments nem con.

President - Smee

Captain - d'Inverno

Secretary - Douglas

Vice-Captain and Treasurer - Husaini

Social Secretary - Lyons

Financewise, we think we've got about 300 quid.

Please see the attached for a list of fixtures and match managers. Shout if you think too much is being asked of you.