WCC 213

Actors Anonymous 214 for 8

Actors won by two wickets

 The Weekenders got off to a flyer bringing up the fifty in the fifth over, in which they also managed to lose two wickets. This seems to have set the tone for the rest of the day with runs coming at over six an over throughout. Whether this was due to great batting, awful fielding, dire bowling, a flat pitch, drugs or a short legside boundary is hard to say as this match report is being composed from the scorebook. 152 of the Weekenders total came in boundaries and 30 in extras so it looks like fine entertainment for all but  the purists.  The difference between the two sides seems to have been Harper who took 3 for 23 in 7 overs and then scored 96 not out. The book shows the home side fielded thirteen players to the 'Enders eleven which may have given them an advantage but not necessarily.

 WCC 213 all out off 35 overs

M Taylor 21, Hargroves, 28, Erasmus 0, Cooper 14, Jeyaratnam 4, Lee 65, Dibley 30, Lyons 8, Whitehead 8, Hajela 5, d’Inverno 0.

 Actors Anonymous 214 for 8  off 33.4 overs

Dibley 7-0-37-1, Cooper 7-1-40-4, 8-0-35-0, Hajela 6-0-34-1, Jeyaratnam 5-0-28-2, d’Inverno 0.4-0-13-0.

Catches: Lee 2, Taylor 3, Hargroves 1