Chippenham 240 - 0 (42 overs)

WCC 241-2  (37 overs)

WCC won by eight wickets lemon squeezy

A pitch that yields 481 runs for two wickets suggests a miserable afternoon for bowlers but the Weekenders  put in an improved performance on last Sunday and were backed up by another good effort in the field. The home side perhaps didn't make the most of their last eight overs which proved to be a crucial error on this amazingly flat track. The Weekenders batting was outstanding -one of the most impressive chases in the club's history. Dunne got us off to a flyer, Lee ran like a horny sheepdog and Sparkles simply murdered the bowling.

For many the champagne moment of the day was when a giant liquorice allsort named Bertie Bassett walked onto the pitch halfway through the first innings. Inside the skin was the son of home captain Heather. Both father and son are confectionery salesmen. Bertie Bassett possibly outstayed his welcome and so when Betty Bassett appeared  at long on about twenty minutes later her reception was less warm than it might otherwise have been.

Chippy Innings

S Heather 138* A Wright 84*


Douglas 9-1-43-0; Cooper 11-1-48-0; d'Inverno 8-1-48-0; Dunne 6-0-24-0; Husaini 4-0-51-0; Lee 4-0-19-0

WCC innings

Lee 71*, Dunne 21, Brockis 0, Cooper 134*