Raindrops keen falling on my Bat 

Arkadin vs Weekenders

Weekenders lost by  


Sunday saw black clouds and rain coming down in sheets. The weekenders were all agreed that there was no possibility of any play whatsoever. But the opposition match manager Julian is one of nature's true optimists and saw it differently. So 8 of us dutifully trooped to a pub in Caterham to show willing, certain we'd shortly be heading back to BandQ, childcare and the Sunday papers. 


In fact a brief break in the clouds gave us the opportunity to go to the ground, take the covers off and start a 20-20 game. It then poured down but somehow inertia got us all over the line. 


We fielded and our bowled pretty well, at least at first, with Dibley nipping out the opener and then bowling his fellow Kiwi, Mark. Mark is noteable for talking constantly, being 7 foot tall and constructed like Mount Cook. Last year he scored 80 in about 10 mins and he looked full of runs. So it was a hopeful start. After that we did okay to restrict the opposition to a fair score with the help of some Arkadin support in the field and some good work behind the stumps from McDonald's right foot. 


In reply however, we failed to build around Radcliffe's good start. The rain was cats and dogs by now and the ball was stopping in puddles on the outfield rather than zipping for 4. Orwell played a dedicated hand at the end but we ran out of batting and overs, even after Bailey and Husaini had another go after blobs. (Note to Hogben... 9 not out second time around, does that count to my average?)


The enclosed photos in no way reflect quite how bloody awful the weather was... But despite that it was a fun day for all, particularly Arkadin who I think enjoy their cricket more than any other team we play. Good luck to them.


Arkadin 146-5

Wolfendale 25 ret, Allen 0 Lawrence 20, Butler 19, Gilkes 9, Fitch 4, Irvine 25 ret, Hunter 25 ret, Gribbin 3*


Orwell 4-0-24-0, Dibley 4-0-17-2, Douglas 4-0-29-1, d'Inverno 4-0-31-2, Husaini 3-0-25-0, Radcliffe 1-0-11-0


Catches: Husaini 1, McDOnald 1, Sub 1 , Sub 1


WCC 97-8

Radcliffe 22, McDonald 4, Dibley 11, Douglas 12, Bailey 0, Husaini 0, Orwell 19, d'Inverno 8.