Weekenders vs Avebury

Weekenders lost by 38 runs


Report by HH


Lyons was the most ill weekender on Sunday morning. The bread and butter pudding was blamed, but I suspect a bad pint myself.


Lyons wasn't alone and a grey faced Weekenders took the pitch. We put in a manful and determined performance in the field, although we were a little quieter than usual.  Orwell and Dunne amongst the wickets and Wahi put in his second excellent keeper's performance. 179 was a good total but we always kept up with the rate. If we had had 17 batsmen I'm fairly confident we would have won.  Dunne and Wahi were in the runs. We offended the oppo by not drinking in their club and then scuttling off. But they seemed to enjoy beating us so much I hope we'll be invited back.


Overall a jolly tour and I look forward to next year. Those who want to play Kingshill report to Lyons. See you all soon.



AVEBURY 40 over game


Avebury 179-5

Greg Dix 54

Orwell 8-1-45-2; Douglas 8-3-14-0; Dunne 8-2-20-2; Cooper 8-0-44-0; McDonald 4-0-25-1; Lyons 4-0-20-0

Catches 2: Wahi, Smee.


WCC 141

Hogben 7, Husaini 4, Lyons 2, Cooper 11, Wahi 23, Bailey 4, Smee 0, McDonald 12, Dunne 35, Douglas 2, Orwell 4 not out