Free Babecue on the Boundaries Edge

Oxford Emereti vs Weekenders

Match Drawn




Emeriti 185-5 dec

Hemp 74*, Terry 43, Thwaite 40

Douglas 7-2-29-1; Dibley 11-1-32-2; Dunne 13-1-55-1; Campbell 6-0-44-0, Husaini 2-0-10-0

Run Out: Husaini


WCC 100-9

Maloney  10, Hogben 5, Cooper 0, Lyons 30, McCallum 6, Douglas 3, Smee 1, Husaini 0, Dunne 14, Dibley 17 not out, Campbell 1 not out.


Heroic bowling from Dibley and Dunne on the flattest track of the season, backed up by a committed fielding display which included three direct hits from the outfield. The stage was set for a thunderous chase by our powerful top order. Unfortunately the stage collapsed, the actors pissed on the scenery and all the cherubs fell off the ceiling, Cooper receiving his second unlucky despatch in two games. Spirits were raised by an ignoble draw, Lyons's continuing good form and a free barbecue on the boundary's edge.