Stonor CC vs Weekenders CC

17th April 2011

Stonor CC 65 Weekenders CC 66-5

Weekenders win by 5 wickets


Match Report by Peter Lee


The Weekenders and their esteemed opponents endeavoured to discover a new form of cricket yesterday as they played out a fixture that barely lasted twenty overs apiece and was all done and dusted within around three hours.  Their collective view was that such a format would never catch on and they agreed to play a more traditional format next time around.  


Eight Weekenders arrived at the delightful Stonor CC ground on a sun-kissed spring afternoon.  As ever, despite fourteen players being available during the week, a full complement was unable to assemble for the start of the match with Wahi and the Skipper caught in traffic and Jeyaratnam caught with his pants down.  Stonor batted first and generously allowed the ‘Enders the use of a green-tinged track and a couple of their better fielders.  The combination of humidity and moisture saw the opening bowlers swing it more than a Glenn Miller themed wife-swapping party which was all too much for opener Dickie who saw his timbers spread early doors by Douglas.  Number 3 Harris cracked away an accomplished pull-shot before looking to drive aerially off Dibley and being snaffled by a mortified-looking Sub (Maidlow).  Lovatt eschewed the traditional approach of playing the conditions by seeking to smash every ball into the next door county but having connected with a couple, he was bowled neck and crop for Douglas’s second wicket.  


19-3 looked extremely precarious as skipper Powell and left-handed biffer Nicholson looked to steady the ship.  The former had cracked a crucial 79 in the corresponding fixture the previous year but this time he displayed an unerring accuracy in picking out the fielders.  In particular, Wahi and he appeared to be playing their own fixture for long spells.  Fourteen more runs were added before Powell finally succumbed for 10 off 56 balls, nurdling a catch to Dunne who promptly sustained his traditional hand injury.  The fall of the fourth wicket and the introduction of Dunne were taken as a sign by Nicholson to launch an assault, fourteen runs coming from three consecutive balls.  The ‘Enders brains trust got together and hatched a cunning plan – two fielders were sent out to the boundary and Nicholson promptly launched Dunne towards the sightscreen where Lee had plenty of time to consider the pivotal point the match had just reached before clinging on one-handed.  


At 55-5, Stonor were in serious danger of failing to make three figures.  With plenty of overs left, the option of grinding out a score was available.  Casting caution to the winds however they decided Bothamesque attack was the best form of defence.  10-5 suggested they may have been watching too many England batting powerplays.  Dunne nibbled it away off the seam to bowl Harris and Agar in the same over before Hussaini repeated the feat, beating Denton in the flight and winning an LBW decision against Maidlow.  Bradshaw finished things off with a swipe to mid on off the excellent Dunne, all out for 65.


With tea still an hour away, Weekenders took to the field knowing even a fairly incompetent batting effort would be enough to secure an early season win.  This proved fortunate.  Brockis was critically dropped in the second over before taking control of the innings with a masterful 47.  His impending appearance in “Batman Live” where, as Bruce Wayne’s father he will be getting triggered by a Joker early doors on a nightly basis had clearly inspired him to fill his boots as quickly as possible.  All around him, a succession of ‘Enders contrived to throw their wickets away, only McDonald being unfortunate to play on off the pacey Harris.  Jeyaratnam in particular will have cause to rue a 22,000 mile round trip culminating in a slash to a very wide ball outside off stump.  Despite the best attempts of five members of the top six, the efforts of one were enough to seal victory. 


The only blot on an excellent day was the early finish prevented a return to The Crown, requiring a comic procession around the local highways and byways to find an alternative.    


Man of the match award goes to the small child who took part in the following exchange with two Weekenders at the end of the match:


Child: Who won?

W’s: We did

C: How many runs did Stonor make?

W’s: 65

C: How many did you make?

W’s: 66

C: Oooh, that was really close!


A future as a Sky Sports cricket commentator awaits. 




Innings of Stonor CC


Dickie b Douglas 1

Powell ct Dunne b Dibley 10

Harris (I) ct sub b Dibley 7

Lovatt b Douglas 8

Nicholson ct Lee b Dunne 24

Maidlow lbw Hussaini

Harris (S) b Dunne 1

Agar b Dunne 0

Denton b Hussaini 0

Bradshaw ct Lee b Dunne 3

Kimber Not Out 0



Extras 5

Total: 65 all out




Douglas 7-1-20-2

Dibley 9-3-16-2

Dunne 5-1-21-4

Hussaini 2-0-6-2


Innings of Weekenders CC*


Brockis not out 47

McDonald b Harris 2

King b Harris 6

Jeyaratnam ct Harris (I) b Powell 2

Lee b Denton 3

Wahi ct & b Denton 2

Dibley not out 0


*I was given a boundary but I didn’t score any.  I don’t think anyone did apart from Darrell so I’ve given him the extra 4.  If anyone else wants to lay claim, photographic evidence will be required.


Extras 5

Total 66-5




Harris (S) 8-3-11-2

Bradshaw 4-0-18-0

Kimber 2-0-9-0

Powell 2-0-11-1

Denton 3.2-0-11-2

Agar ?-0-6-0