Salad the likely cause of lacklustre effort  


Camden CC 217-4 dec.

WCC 101

Camden won by 116 runs


Based on information trickling through from those involved, it seems that drizzle greeted the players as they took the field at the old Trinity ground and remained throughout the afternoon. The adverse conditions reportedly caused the ball to swell, and the stats suggest it reached the size of a football halfway through Camden's innings.


The hosts cruised along at six an over until calling a halt with Haynes on 96 not out. It hasn't been possible to establish whether the declaration came as a result of a prearranged overs limit or bitter feuding in the home camp.  


According to eyewitnesses, positive features of the Weekenders' fielding performance included Captain Husaini's graceful running catch and his brother Harry's drive from Newcastle to make up the numbers. It's also reported that Harry put his body on the line to stop a well struck ball at square leg. The inference, borne out by the scorebook, is that most other strokes reached the boundary unimpeded.


The Weekenders' bowling honours went to a borrowed player, Robin Thompson (nicknamed 'Worcester', so the slightly disappointing story goes, because he went to Worcester College, Oxford). 'Worcestery' came to the rescue again with 45 not out and with Brockis (26) formed the backbone of the visitors reply.


On the face of it, it might appear to have been a below-par day for the Weekenders but perhaps the confirmed sighting of a green salad on the tea table helps to place events in context.


Camden 217-4 dec.Whitehead 8-1-49-2; Orwell 10-1-74-1; McDonald 8-0-53-0; 'Worcester' 9-0-30-2; Wahi 1-0-6-0
Catches: Bailey 1, Husain Husaini 1.

Weekenders 101

'Worcester' 45 not out, Husain Husaini 0, McDonald 4, Wahi 8, Brockis 26, Bailey 0, Harry Husaini 0, Whitehead (supported by partner Anita and baby Mila!) 1, Orwell 0 (plumb lbw), Carter  (opposition bowler who fancied another bat) 6.
Extras 11


The views expressed in this match report are not those of the BBC. The BBC's view is that 'The rain didn't dampen the Weekenders' spirits one bit. Woo-hoo!!!  Cricket is an incredibly old, iconic game and you can have, like, cake in the middle of it. Awesummm!!!'