Weekenders Taste Olympic Glory


Old Colfeains 213-6 (40 overs)

WCC 184 all out (38.3 overs)

Old Colfeians won a 40-over match by 29 runs


There was much to savour on this golden August afternoon, very little of it connected with the cricket. An excellent opening stand between Wahi and Hogben and a couple of tight  toads from Dibley and Lyons were the extent of our successes on the park. The victorious glow came instead from the Weekenders' intimate connection with the noble sport of dressage.


Tony Smee's son Carl Hester won an Olympic gold medal in the team event at Greenwich then narrowly missed a bronze in the Individual Freestyle. In all the countless interviews he has subsequently been obliged to give, Carl has loyally uttered not a word about the Weekenders' performance against Old Colfeians. Red top hacks firing questions like 'Carl, how come it took them three and a quarter hours to bowl 40 overs?' have met with a dead bat from the the master of the Piaffe and the Parterre Passage. Mr Hester, the Weekenders salute you! 


Old Colfeians 213-6

Adolphe 68, Bahra 90

Douglas 10-43-1, Dibley 10-2-35-2, Orwell 7-0-53-0, Lyons 7-1-24-2, Wahi 2-0-20-1, d'Inverno 4-0-22-0

Catches: Brockis (kpr) 2, Marshall 1, Dibley 1, Lyons 1


WCC 184 all out

Hogben 41, Wahi 63, McCallum 0, Brockis 1, Marshall 6, Lyons 11, Dibley 3, DOuglas 20, Orwell 6, d'Inverno 2, Martin 0*


Man of the Match - Carl Hester.