Weekenders supporters well-behaved, considering 


 Stonor 155-7 dec (36 overs)

 WCC 73-7 (37 overs)  Match drawn

This was an unusually steady start to the season from two sides who have tended to trade chokes over recent years. The hosts chugged along to 92 for 1 on a slow, sticky dog before Dunne turned it into a nasty, yappy one that won't leave your leg alone. Stonor did well to get past 150 with Dunne in nagging form and backed up by some good catching, notably Raj Sood's extraordinary snaffle behind his back on the long-on boundary.

Toby Lyons and Saurabh Wahi confidently saw off a lively Stonor opening attack but the rain made the ball increasingly hard to hold, awkward to bowl and nigh impossible to hit off the square. Cooper managed to go aerial a few times but after a heavy downpour the Weekenders seemed to lose their appetite for the usual chase-and-choke finish. The final 45 minutes of blocking in icy drizzle tested the commitment of the supporters who turned to Hello magazine's account of Liz Hurley and Warnie's wedding plans. Zieger kept spirits up with a non-cricketing anecdote about a visit to a Japanese cabaret club whose dress code is nevertheless similar to MCC's in its strict application.       

STONOR 155-7

Sood 8-1-39-1; Douglas 8-1-23-0; Dunne 11-1-35-5; J Lyons 7-0-35-0; Cooper 4-0-19-1 

Catches Sood 1, Lloyd 1

 WCC 73-7

Wahi 17, T Lyons 8, Cooper 19, Hogben 7, Lloyd 2, Lee 1, Douglas 3*, Lyons 1, Dunne 0*.

DNB: Sood and d'Inverno