WCC v Emeriti 14.7.13

Emeriti 235-3

WCC 140-7

Match drawn


More chasing. This time at the hands and quicksilver wrists of Akeem Fox, an Emeriti only since 11 a.m. on Sunday morning but a fixtrure for the next 850 years of Balliol's existence if he wants it. His strokeplay off front and back foot was as good as anything we've had the misfortune to encounter. As he left the field 130 not out, Julian Lyons asked why he had a West Indies crest on his helmet 'Because that's my team' replied Fox, who, it transpired, is an under-19 international. The Weekenders' attack was led, heroically again, by Dibley who picked up two good wickets and had the satisfaction of pinging the iconic maroon helmet. A frail Weekenders batting effort was witnessed, improbably enough, by a distinguished US journalist who was at the ground researching a major piece about Adam Swift's mum. The Weekenders have never made it into the Club Cricket Conference newsletter, let alone Wisden but it's not inconceivable that we'll be namechecked in The New Yorker. Did I say funny old game already?



Dibley 8-3-28-2; Douglas 5-0-27-0; Lyons 7-0-36-0; Lloyd 3-0-25-0; Husaini 4-0-41-1; Still 4-0-20-0; de Silva 2-0-20-0, Cooper 2-0-14-0

Catches: Smee (kpr), de Silva.



de SIlva 9, Husaini 7, Lloyd 0, Cooper 34, T Lyons 16, J Lyons 29, Dibley 22, Douglas 2, Still 2*  DNB d'Inverno, Smee