WCC v Boughton


WCC won by 13 runs



Having around 30 people for Sunday lunch at the lobster shack is arguably as good as life gets.  When you then win a game of cricket against the odds it doesnŐt get better. Despite wonderful batting from Lee, Hargrves and the resurgent Douglas the man of the match award ended up going to Wilf Byas who bowled with cunning, craft and creativity to seal up one end when the other end was simply serving pies.


WCC won by 13 runs


WCC 214 -6 (35 overs)

Lee 85, Hargroves 64, Douglas 30, McDonald 4, McCallum 2, Dibley 1*, W Byas 0, Smee 3*


Boughton 201 -7 (35 overs)

Douglas 10-2-31-2, d'Inverno 7-0-42-1, Wilf Byas 10-1-49-1, Andrew Byas 2-0-13-1, Naz 2-0-10-1

Catches: Naz 1, Lee 1, d'Inverno 1. 


'Fail to prepare and you prepare to fail'




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