30th AUGUST 2015


Captain's Jubilee XI won by 5 wickets.


WCC 100-7 (20 overs)

Lee 13, Tullet 11, Hogben 18, Maloney 22, McDonald 9, de Silva 15, Bailey 0 not out, Lyons 1, Douglas 0 not out.

DNB James



F. Still 4-0-23-0, R d'Inverno 4-0-24-1Hargroves 3-0-5-2, Hajela 3-0-20-0, D d'Inverno 1-0-2-1, M d'Inverno 3-1-16-0, Fletcher 2-0-3-2

Catches: Hargroves 2.


Captain's Jubilee XI 102-5 (18.2 overs)

T Lyons 5, P Marshall 4, Hargroves 30 not out, Meehan 0, D. d'Inverno 12, Fletcher 10, Brockis 28 not out, Hajela 6 not out.

DNB:  R. d'Inverno, M. d'Inverno, F. Still.



Orwell 4-0-9-1, Douglas 4-0-13-3, J. Lyons 3.2-0-13-1, McDonald 4-0-31-0, de Silva 2-0-12-0, Lee 1-0-23-0.

Catches: de Silva 2, McDonald 1.


Man of the Match: D. Hargroves




A low-scoring but fiercely competitive contest resulted in a tie. The bowling honours were shared by Iris and Angus with steady support from Finola and Georgia, the latter putting one in mind of a young Ken Shuttleworth. The batting honours went to Olive and Amy with Melly and Alejandro providing the concrete in the middle. There was a lively partnership in Spanish between Henny and Marlon, and an electrifying catch by Nicola at midwicket which made Ben Stokes look like a big fairy.