WCC v Stonor 17.2.16

Match Drawn


Stonor 107-9 (41 overs)

Mayo 66

Douglas 4-0-8-0; Orwell 6-2-9-0; Shimoga 9-1-15-3; Sood 6-1-12-1; Dunne 8-2-12-3; Black 4-0-26-0; Lyons 4-0-21-1

Extras: w8, b1, lb3

Catches: Smee 1, Shimoga 1


WCC 66-9 (37 overs)

Wahi 6, Leal 3, Smee 12, Cooper 0, Douglas 1, Black 6, Sood 17, Dunne 3, Lyons 2*, Shimoga 8, Orwell 1*, dŐInverno (non-batting skipper)


Debut: Andrew Leal



In brief, we restricted the hosts to 107 with tidy bowling from Sood and Shimoga. After intensive pre-season netting, WCC began the chase in total disarray. It was down to our President to give us a chance of saving the game. Smee's ninety-minute 12 was unsurpassed in nuggettiness, and it set the stage for a resplendant five-over block at the end from Orwell and Lyons.    


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The Weekenders XI line up at 2pm sharp for the start of the 2016 season





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The gallant defenders