Bromley Town CC (25/06/2017)

Result: Won by 7 wickets



Bromley Town CC 162 all out (34.4 overs)


Parker 67, Ivanov 33

Orwell 6.4-2-22-3, Mohsin 7-2-20-4, Slamon (M) 6-0-30-1, Fox 7-2-30-0, Douglas 5-0-35-2, Fayiz 3-0-16-0

Catches: Orwell (2), Macdonald, Slamon (M)

Stumpings: Lee (wk)


Weekenders CC 166-3 (28.2 overs)


Huzefa 29, Hamza 13, Douglas 11, Fayiz 62*, Orwell 12*

Webb-Olly 2-25, Ward 1-31

DNB: MacDonald, Lee, Fox, Douglas, D’Inverno, Slamon


Debuts: Huzefa, Hamza, Fayiz, Slamon


by Pete Lee


After a miserable stuffing by the Baldwins the previous weekend, the ‘Enders turned up at the delightful surroundings of Bromley Town with a degree of trepidation, not least because the Kentish boys had slapped them around the park for nearly 300 the year before.  It was a scratch team featuring no less that four debutantes and a borrowed fielder due to the skipper being otherwise engaged with a good lunch until well after drinks in the first innings.  However, the gallant underdogs cast aside their doubts to chalk up a thumping victory and get the season back on track for at least another four weeks (two if the Emeriti game happens). 


As two of their number needed to get back to open up their restaurant, Weekenders elected to field first with stand-in captain Lee directing operations.  Orwell and Mohsin took first dig and produced a collective opening bowling spell for the ages, blowing away the Bromley top order for small change with no less that four bowled, one by a Mohsin slower ball that recalled Harmison doing Clarke like a kipper in ’05.  With Orwell snaffling a sharp c&b, the ‘Enders sensed the day could be theirs as the home side slumped to 30-odd for 6, leading the late-arriving skipper to speculate whether it was all really happening, or whether his luncheon had perhaps been a bit too good. With the seamers done, Fox came on for his first bowl in twelve months and proceeded to tie an end down tighter than Norman Lamont in an Earl’s Court dungeon.  From the other end, first Slamon (M) and then Douglas (bowling his occasional leggies) joined the dots as the Bromley lower order ground it out.  Skipper Parker produced some late-biffage before he was stumped by Lee off Slamon (M).  For those still claiming it was a run out I give you the Laws of Cricket:



  1. The striker is out Stumped, except as in 3 below, if,

    (i) a ball which is not a No ball is delivered,

    and (ii) he is out of his ground, other than as in 3(a) below,

    and (iii) he has not attempted a run,

    when (iv) his wicket is fairly put down by the wicket-keeper without the intervention of another fielder. Note, however Laws 2.8(c) and (e) (Transgression of the Laws by a batsman who has a runner) and 40.3 (Position of wicket-keeper).

    (b) The striker is out Stumped if all the conditions of (a) above are satisfied, even though a decision of Run out would be justified.

Orwell came on to bowl the last over after calmly telling the stand-in skipper that he would ‘not forget it’ if he didn’t get his full quota and ended proceedings two balls early with yet another rearrangement of the furniture.  So 162 was the target; gettable but more than expected when Bromley were struggling to muster double figures. 

Following an excellent tea and tombola; debutantes and impending restaurateurs Huzefa and Hamza strode out to face the music.  A tight and testing start from the Bromley openers stirred a few nerves before the batsmen asserted themselves in fine style.  Hamza fell after smacking three cracking boundaries, followed by Huzefa for a buccaneering 29.  With Douglas digging in at the other end, Fayiz proceeded to take the game away from the home side.  Fresh from bowling three overs of very rapid seam (gifting his keeper a couple of spectacular bruises in the process) he gaily bashed the Bromley attack to all parts with a dazzling array of strokes.  After adding 93 in two partnerships, Douglas fell with the finish line in sight giving Orwell the chance to seal the deal, whacking the last ball for four through square leg. 

Much relief, happiness and man-love in the changing rooms as the Weekenders got the chance to savour victory once more.  Only the charity Victoria Sponge tasted sweeter.  


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