Chippenham CC (04/6/2017)

Result: Weekenders lost by 88 runs


Chippenham CC 240 for 7 (36.5 overs)

Rix 58, Rattley 46, Vaden-Peer 37, Heather 34, Bryant 27

Orwell 8-1-46-1, Mohsin 6-0-36-1, Dunne 11-1-46-2, Dibley 11-0-86-2, D'inverno 0.5-0-7-1,

Catches: Dibley, NJ, Lee (wk) x 2


WCC 152 all out (37.2 overs)

Hussaini 8, Shimoga 25, Lyons 6, Lloyd 47 ret’d hurt, Hudson 2, Lee 21, Mohsin 0, Orwell 17, Dunne 4, Dibley 13 n.o., D’Inverno 2,

Pearson 3-28, Hedger 3-21



After some election chat as a warm-up at the Tharp Arms, Skipper won the toss (wtf?) and inserted Chippenham. The pitch is such a delight for batting, that at least two Weekenders have a picture of it as their phone’s lock-screen image; and the oppo’s openers seemed to share the affection. Both clattered the bowlers when anything loose was served up, but also unusually offered a number of chances. Wicketkeeper-batsman Bryant, sporting a pony-tail (a cricketing rarity in these enlightened days), eventually skewed Mohsin to NJ in the covers. It was the last moment of fielding joy for NJ, as he would soon release a contagion of dropped catches and fudged pick-ups throughout the team. Not the big beasts of the team, mind. For a period, deep extra cover brought to mind the Tanzanian savannah, as Dunne and Lyons galloped round the boundary like the big prize game they are.


Tea was superb; a tressle-table groaning with an eclectic confection of watermelon, hot sausage rolls, buttered-maltloaf and cream scones, catering for athletes, gourmands and Steve Dunne. 


We started our chase with Husaini and Shimoga, and Chippenham opened the bowling with Charles Rattley - one of the most loquacious cricketers anyone had ever encountered. In between his turns as a sort of South-African Jim Carrey, he bowled sharp seam-up, and when joined by the chillingly-named Vaden-Peer, both bowled at speeds to which the average Weekender is not accustomed. However the sphincter-twitching pace only sharpened the senses, and apart from Husaini (who saw his off-stump cartwheel into the distance), the ‘Enders weathered the storm, to tuck into the high-lobbing morsels offered at the harbour's inn. But the ravenous cramming of tasty goblets can be a hazardous business and a choke could be round the corner. Chas Lloyd stood firm and rattled up 47 to put us on schedule to surpass the target at the end of our allotted overs. Disaster struck when, like a nasty question on Trident for a Labour leader, his achilles tendon twanged and with it, twanged our chance of an unlikely win. There was some late whacking from Dibley and the batting-bowlers, but in the end, like Husaini’s off-stump, this one went with the poles.


Political discussion in the Tharp Arms


Calm before the twang


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