Heartaches CC (16/7/2017) – Arundel Castle

Result: Lost by 8 wickets


WCC 219 all out (44 overs)

Hussaini 0, Hargroves 78, D. Laurie 19, D. Marshall 32, A. Leale 6, Cooper 25, McCullum 0, Dunne 8, Hudson 0, Douglas 0, Smee 0

Pressland  4-24


Heartaches CC 222 for 2 (40.1 overs)

Comen 103, T. R-Smith 89, 

Douglas 9-2-38-0, Dunne 7-2-28-0, D.Marshall 4-0-28-0, D'Inverno 2-0-28-0, Husaini 2-0-14-0, Hudson 4-0-27-0, Hargroves 9.1-1-36-1, Cooper 3-1-12-1

Catches: none


We havenÕt beaten Sir Tim RiceÕs troupe of superstars since 2011, but this year we lined up with some of the WeekendersÕ finest, including Hargroves, Danny Marshall and Andrew Leale.  Batting behemoths, Cooper & Laurie also turned out after non-cricketing sabbaticals. Apparently, the chat at lunch was about slowing the scoring rate and deciding when to declare. Truly uncharted territory, readers. Something in the lunchtime beef took the decision out of SkipperÕs hands, as the last five wickets went for eight runs. Danny Marshall endured a dodgy run-out decision, plus a couple of further suspect LBWs, left the ÔEnders on a respectable if only adequate 219 all out. 

            While the batting may have looked starry, Douglas & Dunne were left a little unsupported leading the attack. Catches went down and the bits nÕ pieces bowlers around them failed to reign in the Heartaches openers. As the result slid to its inevitable conclusion, there was a media blackout, with virtually no details coming from the Downs. Days later, an extraordinary set of circumstances, some hours after the conclusion were relayed; involving drunken men in a parked hatchback, a snapped key, night terrors and pyjama-clad saviours. Team members not present at the Arundel events listened agog. Who says weÕre too old to tour properly?


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