Hit or Miss CC (21/5/2017)

Result: Weekenders lost by 66 runs




HoMCC 173 for 6 (35 overs)

K Jones 107, Pendred 16, Richardson 19

Orwell 7-1-32-1, Douglas 7-1-37-1, Dunne 7-1-21-0, Dibley 7-1-26-1, Lyons 4-1-32-1, Leale 2-0-10-1, Lee 1-0-8-0

Catches: Dunne (x2) (Lee + ?)

Run out: Orwell (direct)


WCC 107 all out (33.3 overs)

Lee 6, Hogben 7, Husaini 0, Leale 50, Douglas 0, Dunne 9, Orwell 12, Dibley 0,  R. Smee 10, Lyons 6, A Smee, 0 not out

Dickinson 3-12, Bushnall 2-21


Sometimes you have to re-draw the definition of what winning really is. Purists cling to the narrow description of Ōgetting more runs than the other teamÕ but this is the sort of small-minded pettiness that closes off hearts to the true wonder of living.


Stand-in skipper, Husaini won the toss (WTF?) and inserted HoM. The third delivery produced a superb ankle-trimming reflex slip catch by Dunne, who usually opines ŅIf itÕs below the knee, itÕs not a chanceÓ. The slow pitch stifled scoring and all joy generally, with even the Derby Destroyer failing to winkle out any more batters. Things got interesting when the ball was tossed to Lyons. Despite 33% of the team being posted on the long-off boundary, (and HoM opener JonesÕ evident predilection for hitting it exactly there) - we were unable to take the catch that would have snared the trap. Jones continued to circumvent the thickety outfield by depositing the ball directly into hedges and arable pastures. He scored 7 sixes and 11 fours on his way to an impressive 107. Having gone into his shell to calculate his inflated batting average, JonesÕ mission for red-ink was ruined by a brisk Dibley thunderbolt. Leale brought sarcastic cheers from the bowling cadre by lobbing down a series of rank long-hops, but still taking a wicket!! LOLZ


Tea was fairly functional. The ham and cucumber sandwich was novel for some. 173 felt steep on this pitch from just 35 overs, but a good team performance might get close. Sadly Hogben, Husaini and Douglas missed straight deliveries, and Lee patted the ball into the air from one that stuck in the pitch. This left Andrew Leale, our cheery Saffa, to patiently clip the ball around, and build a semblance of an innings. He scored an elegant 50 including 6 fours and 1 six, with curmudgeonly support from Dunne. Ralph Smee, once again, reminded those of a certain vintage of how our President used to wade into bowling attacks, but at the end we were a long way off the pace. Somehow, it didnÕt matter, and the flow of players from the pavilion to the sunlit glory of the Hit or Miss pub across the road, left the playing area empty just ten minutes after the gameÕs conclusion. Despite losing the match comprehensively, we felt like winners with chums and family throwing down lager-shandies in an early glimpse of English summer.


President makes some adjustments (left) & the team softens defeat in trademark style (right)


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