Unison CC (21/5/2017)

Result: Weekenders lost by 23 runs




Unison CC 143 for 3 (20 overs)

Yorke 62 not out, Kirton 48, 

Orwell 4-0-43-1, Douglas 4-1-23-0, Fletcher 3-0-11-0, Tim 4-1-8-1, Lyons 4-0-35-0, Ringwade 1-0-17-0

Catches: D'inverno

Run out: ?


WCC 120 for 6 (20 overs)

Husaini 51, Marshall 16, Hazlehurst 7, Fletcher 6, Tim 16, Douglas 1, McDonald 2 not out, Orwell 5 not out


DNB Lyons, Ringwade, D'Inverno


Sandler 2-13, Thomas 1-20


Like a 1978 Austin Princess pressed into service as a getaway car; the Weekenders lined up for their annual 20/20 fixture. ÔEnders accomplices included Hazlehurst and Fletcher (recruited by McDonald), TallTim (known associate of Patric Marshall) and Marc Ringwade  (HusainiÕs chum). Toss lost by skipper, we went for a bowl on a pleasant, if hilly playing surface. The less said about the opening spell of fast-medium, the better - but things settled down with FletcherÕs brisk first-drop stint and TallTimÕs nagging spin. Halfway through, Unison were on 53 runs from 10 overs. But Riccardo Kirton, our mellifluous ringer from last year, turned on us with clinical clouts and high-octane running between the wickets. Riccardo was joined by UnisonÕs captain, Yorke, who really put the occasional bowlers to the sword. While the wheels didnÕt entirely come off, the Austin Princess was definitely producing blue smoke and might require some welding.


We began our response without the usual reviving qualities of egg-sandwiches and chocolate mini-rolls. McDonald had some serious-looking phone work to do, so went in lower than expected in the batting order. Shrewd field placement and surprisingly agile swooping meant our batters could never really beat the field or clear the ropes. Vice-Captain Husaini played a superb anchor role for his first half-ton since 2001, but failed to find anyone else to blow the bloody doors off. At the 17th over, the talk round the bar turned to mathematical possibility, and in the final over we couldnÕt score the 29 needed for victory.



(Image courtesy of autoshite.co.uk)


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