Chippenham CC (23/06/2018)




Result: Weekenders LOST by 43 runs


CCC: 162 for all out (30.2 overs)

Orwell 6-0-28-2, Douglas 8–2-38-1 Sharma  9.2-0-48-5, Dunne 7-0–32-2,

Ward 74,

Catches: d’Inverno, Bhuvan x2 , Husaini x2, Vishnakarma



WCC: 117 all out (38 overs)

Shimoga 19, Husaini 10, Vishnakarma 21,  Hudson 4, Orwell 15, Lyons 11, Dunne 12, Douglas 6, Sharma 0 not out, d’Inverno 0


Ward 3-15, Riley-Palmer 3-18,


Neither team has won batting first at Chippenham since 2004; so there were rye smiles when new Chipper skipper took first use after Skips lost the toss. Only four bowlers were used, with Bhuvan ‘Boovey’ Sharma being the undisputed pick of the pack with sharp, swinging left-arm. The champagne moment was more disputed with some marking their cards for Skipper d’Inverno’s pouch of a rifling round at mid-on; while others favoured Bhuvan’s surgical removal of the middle-stump as part of his five-fer. Talk of sparkling wine at the tea interval, might raise suspicions of an easy win, but Chippenham had scored at 5.4 per over, so provided a sizeable banana-skin for the Weekenders.


Batting seemed trickier than customary in these flat, fenland parts. One end of the wicket was slower and lower, with the other providing bounce and skid. There was no surprise which end Sean Ward bowled from, as he charged in to decimate the middle-order with very accurate pace bowling. In truth, the ‘Enders had squandered their opportunity against gentler opposition, by the time Ward sent us packing.


A special mention should be made for the exemplary tea, as classical an expression of the art as you will ever find. The home-made sausage roll was spectacular.