Fleet Street Strollers (08/07/2018)




Result: Weekenders Lost by 143 Runs (40 Overs)


FSS: 315 for 2 (40 overs)

Orwell 8–0-65-0, Douglas 7–0-48-0,  Sharma 8-0–61-2, Faheem Ali  5–0-38-0, Shimoga 7-0–44-0,  Vishwakarma 5-0-26-0, 


Pittams 138, Addis 125 n.o.,


Catches: none


WCC: 172 for 8 (40 overs)

Husaini 39, Vishwakarma 27, Hogben 8, Leal 0,  Shimoga 11, Douglas 27, Orwell 7, Evans 4, Sharma 9 not out, Smee 0 not out, Faheem Ali DNB (because he left to play a different match)

Extras: 36


McCauley 2-11 Wood 2-25, Reddy 2-28


This was the final instalment of a gruesome trilogy for the ‘Enders, starting with Grantchester, the collapse in Chippenham, and culminating on a sun-baked flat-track in Maidenhead. We lost the toss with our vice-skipper locked in his people carrier, still trying to insert his contact lenses. The Strollers employed their Aussie Pittams as a pinch-hitting opener, but instead of an energetic cameo, he batted for close to the entire 40 overs, before the sheer exhaustion of smashing towering sixes dulled his concentration for a vital moment. At the other end, another antipodean called Addis played a more conventional innings - but produced similarly devastating results. There was no escape from the beating sun for him or for us. At one point ‘Enders fielders enquired about his cardiac health, although the fielding effort also felt like a punishment scene from TV’s ‘Tenko’.  ‘Boovey’ Sharma nicked a couple of wickets amongst the mayhem.


In response, Husaini opened well with Vishwakarma to keep us in the chase, but an asking rate of 7.9 per over would always be stiff - and after our openers departed, Douglas exempted, we crumbled under the scoreboard pressure and the relentless sun. Faheem Ali showed great judgement by leaving halfway through the match to play a different game. I can’t say the thought didn't occur to the rest of us.



"29C at 6.30pm?" Graham checking the temperature again, in disbelief.