Grantchester CC (10/06/2018)




Result: Weekenders Lost by 121 Runs (35 Overs)


GCC: 275 for 1 (2 ret’d) (35 overs)

Orwell 7-1-29-0, Douglas 7–1-36-1,  d’Inverno 3-0–30-0, Kotcheff 4–0-30-0, Lyons 6-1–61-0,  Dunne 8-0-73-0, 


Anderson 102, Farman 69, Wray 62


Catches: none


WCC: 154 for 9 (35 overs)

Leal 26,  Brockis 16, Maloney 8, Hogben 4, McCallum 1, Orwell 48, Dunne 13, Douglas 9, Lyons 5 n.o., Kotcheff 1, D’Inverno DNB


J. Jones 3-8, M.Baker 2-31, 



A pretty good game, in a very pretty part of Cambridgeshire. Nestled behind Grantchester’s famous Tea Orchard, and with beach windbreaks enlisted as latrines - this ground was a delight. The oppo particularly enjoyed it; after a slow start, they accelerated as the bowling pack was shuffled. One opening bat was ‘retired’ after eight overs for slow-scoring, but the other compiled a muscular ton. Most of the ‘Enders bowlers got monstered, and the hosts ended-up with an imposing total from their 35-overs. 


Despite boasting some swashbucklers in the top four, no-one stuck at the task. Pacy first-change bowler, Jake Jones, had the ‘Enders scrabbling for their batting helmets - and the game was effectively gone as early as the 22nd over, with the asking rate close to 13 an over with only 4 wickets remaining. Some meaty clouts from the middle-order inched the ‘Enders towards a sub-ton deficit, but there was to be no shock on the cards at this beautiful venue.


There was an interesting playing condition to add the bucolic reverie of this recently constructed oval.  Backing onto the ground was the stately pile of Lord Archer; the human doosra of facts. If you were able to hit the ball into his cold frames or greenhouse, you’d be awarded 12 runs. But to shatter glass would require a lofted extra-cover drive of some 90 metres; equivalent to landing the ball high in the Bedser Stand at the Kennington Oval - a superhuman effort for most Weekenders.