Heartaches (01/09/2018)




Result: Weekenders Lost by 6 Wickets


WCC: 128 all out (37.2 overs)

Lee 4, Husaini 7, De Silva 0,  Hogben 4, Cooper 23, Orwell 10, Dunne 39, Douglas 2, Lyons 10, Smee 0,  Sharma 8 not out


Luttman-Johnson 4-38, Pressland 4-35, 


HCC: 130 for 4 (27 overs)

Douglas 9–2-18-1, Orwell 7-0-41-2, Sharma 7-1–34-0, Dunne 4–1-21-1, 


Hutton 50 not out, Cohen 33


Catches: D’Invervno


It is a genuine privilege to play on this most beautiful, historic cricket ground in the Sussex South Downs. From the jacketed-gent who directs your car-parking, to the announcer’s tannoy, capacious dressing rooms and your own indoor warm-up net; we can all indulge our fantasies of being professional cricketers, just for a day.

Once put into bat, we clattered down to earth as our top four batsmen managed just 15 runs between them. Cooper and the middle order stopped the rot, until Cooper looked to launch slow-bowler Pressland’s first ball into Arundel Castle’s motte-and-bailey. Bails flew and The ‘Enders were six down by lunch. After a delicious sit-down, which included either slices of perfectly-cooked beef or an actual half chicken (that nearly defeated Skipper’s legendary appetite), Dunne, Douglas and Lyons, dragged our score beyond 120 - surely the threshold of decency in front of a crowd of more than fifty.

            The bowlers didn’t have much to defend but still managed some eye-catching dismissals, including a cartwheeling leg stump of the stylish, left-handed no. 3, and yet another good catch by Skipper D’inverno at mid-off. The conclusion came too soon - but the day had been gorgeously sunny as the cricketing dreamers were watched on by family and friends (and the occasional heckling, red-trousered pensioner).



A delightful conclusion, despite the result