Bromley Town CC (02/06/2019)




Result: Weekenders WON by 8 Wickets


BTCC: 163 for 9 (35 overs)

Douglas 8–1-34-0, Orwell 8-2–20-3, Vishwakarma 8-1-25-2, Sharma 8-2-15-3, Hudson 2–0-35-0, Shimoga 1–0-12-1

Winchester 95


WCC: 165 for 2 (29.3 overs)

Shimoga 90 not out,  Vishwakarma 10, McCullum 6, Cooper 39 not out

DNB: Ottewill, Lee, Sharma, Orwell, Douglas, Hudson, H.Smith


S. Taylor 2-37


Catches: Hudson, Cooper


Luck plays an important role in cricket, so much so that England’s chairman of selectors has written an entire book on it. 


Our squad changed abruptly before the game. Skipper’s brother Dominic damaged his foot in an unlucky jacuzzi accident, meaning he and Skipper would sit out the game as scorers. Pete Lee had considered dropping out and going to the garden centre because of a surfeit of available players, but was convinced to play and ended up as The Weekender’s captain. And NJ & Raj discovered availability at the last moment - so, lucky for us. 


Bromley won the toss and batted first. Harry Winchester, a burly Kiwi, dressed in the gaudy stripes of league cricket, would open with Bromley skipper, Webb-Olley. The ‘Enders opening bowlers used swinging conditions well, winkling out two batters and keeping the run-rate down. Bhuvan swung the Dukes ball extravagantly and was too good for the middle order, combining with Raj’s spin as batsmen four to eight managed only 18 runs. Dan Hudson took a bit of hiding from an increasingly-marooned Harry Winchester, but NJ bowled a single over to terminate the Kiwi’s big hitting. The death bowling was effective and Bromley Town finished their 35 overs with 163 for 9. Lucky or not, Captain Lee’s bowling changes had all largely worked, and his in/out fields had stifled the scoring. 


At tea, we plunged headlong into the annual drama of the Kids in Katmandu charity raffle. Weekenders probably bought most of the tickets, so luck was overshadowed by cold inevitability  - but Hudson won an attractive moisturiser set, Lucky Lee an enticing bottle of red and guest star Foxy Freeman bagged himself a complimentary massage, likely to be dispensed by a strapping Irish lady. NJ & Raj also spent double their match-fee on charity cake - supporting this very worthy cause that helps children in Nepal get a better education.


Back to the match, there was, once again, a mature batting response, with NJ shrewdly navigating the pacy openers on a sporty surface. After Raj departed, NJ was well-supported by Mark McCullum, batting in one of his most assured innings against high-quality bowling. Sparkles replaced him and grimly withdrew his attacking instincts as the dibbly-dobbly spinners were introduced. NJ opened the gun cabinet later in the innings and blasted several maximums off the back foot, while a couple of rare mis-hits landed safely between fielders. Cooper dug in to help reach the target with 33 balls to spare.


Man of the Match: Shimoga / Orwell

Duggo put it best:

"The winning Skipper. As Napoleon said 'Give me lucky generals..."