Boughton CC (23/09/2020) 30 Overs

Result: Weekenders LOST by 22 runs




Boughton CC 220 all out (30 overs)

F. Entwistle 55,  A. Harrison 55,

Sharma 6–1-32-2, Orwell 6–1-40-1, O.Hargroves 3–0–36-0, Husaini 3-0-32-0, Louckik 6-0-27-1, Sackville-West 6-0-32-3

Catches: 1 Unsure


WCC 198 for 8 (30 overs)

Smee 10, D. Hargroves 49, Lee 11, Laurie 22, Brockis 62, Husaini 5, Orwell 11, Sackville-West 7,  Sharma 0 not out, Louckik 1,

DNB -   O. Hargroves

C. Entwistle 3-24, Gamage 2-53


We had to sit four-at-a-table, order from an ‘app’ and frequently hand sanitise but the Weekenders will not be denied our annual Lobster Shack lunch - global pandemic or not. The cricket match started at 2pm, to accommodate the gorging of seafood in Whitstable, and was a 30 over game, planned to conclude before the sun set over the Kent Downs.


Orwell & Sharma took the new ball as Boughton batted first, removing both openers with wicket-maidens in the 5th & 6th overs.  After that, the ball was replaced many times, as consecutive iterations were lodged in thicket and bramble. Entwistle, batting at No.3, cocked of wrist and flashing of blade, was the main culprit. But he atoned by sprinting after the ball he had just clattered off the dome to help locate it. Louckik and Sackville-West restored some civility with incisive spells, John especially effective with his wicket-to-wicket bowling. The openers returned to close out the innings but got rather monstered for 47 off 4 overs - not quite the execution of skills that Skipper required.


In response, we sent in Dave Hargroves and our President, equipped with his trademark Mongoose battle club. The duo went off like a train, scoring 60 in the first seven overs. So much joie de vivre couldn’t last, so Laurie n’ Lee had to stabilise until Brockis took over. Darrell played his best hand of the season, with controlled aggression to keep the scoring rate above seven runs per over. The middle order found the going tough on the two-paced pitch, especially against the endlessly canny Curly Clayson. We arrived at the final over with 30 needed. Instead, we lost three wickets, including a quintessential ’wait, no, yes, sorry’ run-out.  The ground was bathed in orange and the sun set on our season that we were so very lucky to enjoy. See you at the Lobster Shack in 2021.


A tree in the middle of a lush green field

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Idyllic Bougton-Under-Blean


WATCH: The last ball of the 2020 season “Shot! Ahhh… Yeah! Oh dear.”


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