Crouch End CC (09/08/2020) 40 Overs

Result: Weekenders LOST by 59 runs





Crouch End CC 220 all out (36.3 overs)

Lakhani 97,  Desai 49,

Douglas 8.3–2-45-2, Sharma 9–1-47-3, Orwell 5–1-18-1, Patel 7–0–23-3, Hudson 3-0-39-0, Lyons 4-0-37-0

Catches: 3 x Brockis 

Run out: Patel / Brockis


WCC 161 for 7 (40 overs)

Patel 16, Jonty 34, Brockis 13, McCallum 11, Lyons 18, Sharma 6, Orwell 0, Hudson 6 not out, Douglas 24 not out

DNB -   d’Inverno, Smee

Chire 2-18,



The Weekenders travelled to North London to face our Lords net neighbours. Sadly, we could only rustle up nine players so Crouch End lent us two players - ‘Jonty’, a twinkly eyed Lancastrian, and ‘PP’ Patel. PP is their 1st XI opening bowler who was recovering from an injury; both were warmly received into the ‘Enders brethren.

Crouch End batted first in the 40-over contest. Douglas & Sharma opened the bowling, with Bhuvan inducing a nick early on with his extravagantly swinging left-arm bowling.  Crouch End’s number 3 then departed via a brilliant Brockis catch from a ball fired out wide and full. But Lakhani and Desai dug in to build a 136-run partnership, full of lofted biffs and wristy flicks to the short square leg boundary.  Douglas and Sharma returned to break the partnership, with both players approaching milestones. ’PP’ made short work of the middle order with some hooping fast medium that was probably too good for any of the assembled players. Crouch End were all out with 21 balls left of their innings - but 220 was more than a decent total.


In response, PP opened the batting and flashed four classy boundaries with ease, until he holed out with a mis-hit slog sweep. Brockis was enjoying the quicker bowlers until he drilled one to extra cover. McCullum joined guest Jonty, digging in to create a platform. After a couple of thunderous pull shots, he departed to be replaced by Lyons, who batted with great judgement for a patient 18. Orwell arrived at the crease with a runner (after earlier tearing a quadricep chasing a misfield). The usual calamity ensued with a lofted drive to the boundary ending in a runout without scoring. It was left for an obdurate Hudson and an expansive Douglas to guide us to the end of the innings with the deficit a little less embarrassing.


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(Bhuvan advances down the wicket in the hunt for runs)


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