Hit or Miss CC (30/08/2020) 30 over game

Result: Weekenders LOST by 9 wickets (with 7.5 overs remaining)




WCC 141 for 7 (30 overs)

Husaini 1, Brockis 2, Hogben 4, McCallum 19, P.Marshall 13, D. Marshall 27, Orwell 37 not out, Douglas 3, Smee 1 not out,

DNB -   Still, M. d’Inverno

Sharma 2-3, B. Martin 2-28


Hit or Miss 147-1 (22.1 overs)

K. Jones 101 not out,  S. Chagule 33, P. d’Inverno 4 not out,

Orwell 7–1-41-0, Douglas 4–1-29-0, F.Still 3–0-33-0, D. Marshall 5–1-20-0, Husaini 1.1-0-25-0, M. d’Inverno 1-0-6-0


Run out: D. Marshall / Brockis

We mustered at the eponymous pub to usher in another year of Skipper on the planet, and so it follows, another year as our most excellent leader. Like a benevolent cricketing-Putin; he endures. Skipper flexed his biceps of diplomacy to donate three players to the Hit or Miss squad of eight. Eyebrows were raised as Sid Chagule & Bhuvan Sharma (our leading wicket taker), crossed the floor. Skipper even donated his own brother to the oppo, guaranteeing more spice to the proceedings.


Captain Crampsie is no fool and opened the bowling with Bhuvan, who promptly castled Brockis with a sharply swinging pearler. Husaini and Hogben were quickly dispatched by deliveries that stuck in the pitch, leaving Mark McCallum to stabilise the innings with a patient 19, which he punctuated with occasional thrashes through midwicket. The Marshall men both got starts, with Dan eventually out lbw, playing his trademark reverse sweep which had so brutalised the Heartaches at Arundel last year. Orwell shrewdly avoided facing the returning Sharma; instead capitalising on the part-timers, to help set a total of 141 in our 30 overs.


Unless your name is Steve Dunne, most Weekender bowlers don’t lick their chops at Penn Street. The pregnant pauses as balls are retrieved from the maize field are hard to forget. Today was no different, with Hit or Miss opener, Kelvin Jones in blistering form. Standing a good metre out of his crease, he swung lustily at anything in his arc, as the ball sailed into the distance like a Bryson DeChambeau tee shot. Our very own Sid Chagule also warmed to the task, assembling an assured 33, but not before Jones had put the game beyond the ‘Enders with a bombastic batting display which would include 14 sixes and one four. He was dropped on 30 as he mishit to the midwicket boundary, which may have swung the pendulum back to the ‘Enders. But he made no mistake smashing Husaini into the pavilion to reach his century and win the game with seven overs left.



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