Bromley Town CC (11/09/2022)

Result: LOST by 137 runs - 35 overs





Bromley Town CC 207-8 (35 overs) 


Orwell 7–0-37-1, Sharma  5–1-23-1, B. Husaini 5-1-15-1, M. Husaini 7–0-40-3,

Hudson 5-0-38-1, d’Inverno 3-0-26-0, Keswani 3-0-25-1,

Catches: Husaini x2

Extras 4 

J. Hall 40, Parker 39 not out


WCC 79 all out

(28 overs) 

Twigg 1, Sharma 23, Cooper 0, Hogben 4, Keswani 2, McCallum 12, Orwell 0, B. Husaini 9, M. Husaini 0, Hudson 12, 

DNB: H.Husaini

Extras: 4

Shareef 3-19, Saeed 2-2


This fixture has been shorn of its charitable status but the welcome is no less warm from this friendly old-skool club. We took the field, bowling on a dry pitch with some unreliable bounce but damp run-ups from the overnight squalls.


There were wickets a piece for the opening three seamers, although better lines and lengths could have resulted in more. Max Husaini bowled his leg spin to great effect, bowling two batters (one around his legs) and his pater taking a sharp catch behind the sticks from a clever ‘zooter’. Bromley Town looked to have shuffled the batting order as Skipper Slamon came in at number 8 to hit muscularly and Brendan Parker did the same from number 9. Pratik eventually arrived after a torturous multi-modal journey, to bowl three overs at the end but even he couldn't resist the onsalught.


There was no tea this year - Orwell & d’Inverno made do with scotch eggs snatched from a BP garage on the way.


Various pork products consumed, we started a slightly ham-fisted batting response. Twigg was run-out, Cooper blasted a shot past pace bowler Rawlinson who somehow pouched the catch. Graham & Pratik were inevitably undone by the dead-slow, loopy bowling of Shareef. Only Bhuvan & McCallum stuck around, until Mark was undone by a clever leg spinner and Bhuvan fell to the brisk off-spin of Knox. There was a final hurrah from Blake & Hudson but we ended up nowhere near the target. 


It was a strange match, where despite being beaten comprehensively - on another day we might have easily restricted Bromley Town by 30-40 runs and the top order may have contributed 50-60 more to make a much closer contest. Still, Bromley Town are a good bunch and we look forward to trying our luck next year.