Match Manager Duties

a. Contact opposition to confirm match a week in advance.
b. Ensure we have match ball, scorebook and kit for the match
c. Start getting availability a few weeks before
d. Act as captain, or appoint team captain, when club captain not playing.
e. Ensure team know directions to ground or pub and help with sorting out lifts and trains.
f. At the end of the game, ensure that the scorebook is completed.
g. Give scorebook to someone to write up the stats on the web with a match report.
h. Get kit packed and taken back by someone (preferably who can play the next game).
i. Collect 10 pounds from all players, and 5 from all lift-giving players except first-timers.
j. Pay opposition for tea.
k. Provide simple accounts, including tea other expenses, and remainder into WCC account

And here's the contact list (current as of 2/05/08):;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;

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